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Being an adult is a great responsibility...but it comes with its own perks. One of them being Coffee! (let's not get into the others :P) Not that I couldn't have it as a kid, but there was always someone telling me not to. Not anymore. Most adults manage to get out of the bed in the morning everyday just for that cup of tea/coffee. And then there are some who love their cuppa in the afternoons, evenings or even before bed. Basically, just having some caffiene in the system that lets you go out there while you try & conquer the world! 

Me? I am coffee lover and it just doesn't end with a cup. It expands to coffee cupcakes, coffee ice cream. Anything Coffee.(Blaming my grandpa and dad for this crazy love!). And while instant coffee used to do its job decently in the growing up years, there is always something so heavenly, so sinfully good about that one cup of perfect freshly brewed coffee. It has the power to take you places. Seriously. 

For years, having a good cup of fresh brewed coffee meant going out to fancy coffee shops, and that required a bit of an effort. Now, what if I told you that you could have your perfect cuppa everyday, anytime you want, in the comfort of your own house?! Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? 

That's exactly what Beanstalk and Leaves is about. Getting their love for coffee straight to YOU!

Right from tasting their different blends - Shotgun, Velvet Dew and Smooth Operator,  to hanging out with the founders at their "headquaters" (which by the way is an amazing place in itself- the aroma of ground coffee that welcomes you as soon as the door opens, the quirky posters on the walls, to the balcony which in my opinion possesses magical powers to calm you down instantly, overlooking one of the most beautiful lakes) the whole experience has been wonderful.

From Velvet Dew - to make your mornings perfect, Smooth Operator - when you just want to unwind with your loved ones over some chit chat & coffee and lastly Shot Gun - which has the power to bring you back to your senses in minutes, each of their blends are unique and have a personal touch. 
Not to mention the many ways you can brew each of them. Traditional Dabba filters, french press, percolators, espresso machines - black or with milk...these blends have got you covered. 

Knowing the founders comes with it's own benefits obviously. I got the chance to watch them in live at HighStreet 66 and Soul Sante a few months back, where the aroma of their blends was enough to cast a spell on people. 

And of course, thanks to them, now I need to have that cup while working or reading or blogging...though I am desperately trying not to get too addicted ;) I will show you other ways I use the concoction soon...keep a lookout! I have a few interesting ways ;) 


Their products are unpretentious and personal yet feel luxurious at the same time, which to me makes all the difference. Each blend has its own character. They are affordable and have the power to make you fall in love with them on the very first sip. You have been warned ;)

Take a look "behind the scenes" on their Instagram page here & for more more information head over to Facebook here :) 


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