Shaving Part 4

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To begin with I had given up waxing a long time back and was only using the epilator (more on that some other day), with on and off shaving (mainly for times when I was in a hurry)

Gillette Venus review

Sure, I had my doubts before taking up the challenge. I had never used shaving continuously and I was skeptical. But, the experience so far has been very easy and hassle free. Best part about it is how convenient the process is.

You might ask why I like to shave over waxing? Here's why -

1. Time saving. The whole process takes me about 10 minutes. Yes! That's it.
2. Shaving can be done in the convenience of your own bathroom.
3. Using the Gillette Satin Gel  made a good difference. Of course, using any good lubricating medium will also work, you don't necessarily need a seperate shaving gel. So you can use a good quality shower oil/gel as well. I like using the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil a lot too!
4. My ingrown hair have reduced considerably (shaving exolfiates the skin hence contributing to less ingrowths.) This goes hand in hand with regular exfoliation which is very important.
5. There are almost no nicks or cuts because these days we have heads that pivot and adjust according to the contours of the body.
6. A razor can be easily carried along while you are travelling, so you can be smooth always.
My favourite razor for travelling is the Venus Snap.

Need I give you more points? If you think that shaving leads to coarser hair or skin darkening, then you might want to look into my previous posts here and here.

I'll be back again in a few days with the last post of the series with some super helpul tips to give you a better smoother shave. Stay tuned! 

P.S. If you have any questions/doubts feel free to ask them in the comments below or drop me a mail at [email protected] and I will be happy to get back :)

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