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By Ashish Gyan

If you are one of the growing multitude of this generation, who likes to lead a fit, active and healthy lifestyle amidst the cacophony of unhealthy options that surround us, you would want to spend a few moments learning how to do it right, rather than doing and unending series of knee destroying, back breaking (literally), hamstring pulling routines as advised by scores of offline and online health “pundits”.

My Fit Fuel review

There are 2 rules to leading a healthy lifestyle, according to me, (Yep, I know I am sounding like a self -styled Health “Guru” here, but hear me out.)
The first, foremost and perhaps the golden rule of losing weight and losing fat in a way that is not dangerous, is to regulate one’s diet! (woooooaaaaaaahhhhh!)
 Yep, you read THAT right, the hours you put in your local gym/fancy club (with a soda dispensing machine) doesn’t play that big a role in your quest for being healthier as does your ability/will to regulate and monitor your diet.

My Fit Fuel review

The amateur points to note are:
  •       Go easy on the Carbs. (Do NOT cut them out completely, or else your body will go into panic mode and hold on to the very fat reserves assiduously, that you are trying to shed). Choose wisely the form and the time that you take your carbs in.
  •       Have a good intake of proteins; a good rule of thumb is having at least 2 gms of protein for every kilo that you weigh. So, if you weigh 70 kilos, take at least 140 gms of protein DAILY.
  •       Exercising 7 days a week won’t raise your chances of getting ripped, our bodies need time to heal and recover as well, so a 3 days a week workout is as good as anything as long as you know what you are doing.
  My Fit Fuel review

My workouts usually include cardio (I go for runs 3-4 days a week, 6 kms or more), a day or so of sports
      (usually, badminton) and light weights for a couple of days to get some sort of shape.
With a schedule as wayward and hectic as any of you reading this, my protein requirements are fulfilled by whey protein supplements. So, when My Fit Fuel sent me there Whey Protein 80 to test out, I was quite pumped (literally).

Noting down my first impressions here,
  •       The packaging was quite solid and secure. The sealed, zip-lock equipped packet was packed in in with a buffer of shredded waste paper, which in my opinion is quite responsible.
  •       The package arrived with a shaker bottle, with a metal ball inside it, which helps in giving a smooth texture to your shake if you aren’t close by to a blender-mixer. The bottle is quite handy to keep on your bicycle rack as well.
  •       There’s a serving spoon inside the packet which gives you an indication of your usage.
  My Fit Fuel review

I usually blend the protein powder with water in a blender and the consistency is quite decent and it dissolves well with water. I have yet to try it out with milk.

5    They put up a ‘protein report” on their Protein Product page on their website, which provides better transparency when it comes to the constituents of the whey proteins itself.
6    Priced at 1249 INR for a 453 gms packet (1 lbs), they have positioned themselves quite competitively as well.  My Fit Fuel has made cheap whey protein powder in India very accessible.

My Fit Fuel review

7    The one concern that I have with the product, as compared to the other brand that I use is, although the packet says German Delight flavour, it leaves some sort of a plastic-y after taste which doesn’t go down well, and I will suggest the makers to look into this. 

My Fit Fuel review

That’s the roundup on the health front folks! Do share your health stories with us and what is your preferred method to shed those extra pounds.

Oh, what’s that you say, ahh, What about the 2nd rule, that I mentioned earlier?
Well, never forget the 1st rule.


Disclaimer: Product provided by the brand for review. The opinions expressed here are our own and honest. Links in the post are for information only.

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