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I love reading posts that give you a little peek into lives of people you follow. So, I will make an attempt to give you some insights into mine. I already did a Random Facts About Me post a while back. Here's another one, where you can find out what I usually keep on my bedside table. Bedside tables tend to be the place where people stash their every night essentials, whether its crammed full of lotions and potions or stuffed with munchies (mine sees a lot of that too), gadgets or books. You can easily grab the things you love/need before tucking in. 

Some of you might already know that I live in a hostel, and the room isn't quite that spacious. So my desk is placed right next to the bed, and a corner of that desk serves as a nightstand-ish area. 

on my Bedside Table, on my nightstand
Being in a hostel makes you very efficient in repurposing things. So, an empty transparent chocolate box serves as a stand to stash all my essentials. Here's what in it:

on my Bedside Table, on my nightstand

1)  Rose Water:
I always need a bottle of rose water.  I love using rose water as a toner and a facial mist. I am in love with this one by Kama Ayurveda. I have praised this gem enough already. It's fabulous.

2) Lip Balm:
I need a non tinted hydrating lip balm at the end of the day to let it work its magic throughout the night. Currently I am using the rose lip balm by Kama Ayurveda which not only is hydrating but also smells yummy. Plus the ingredient list is great!

3) Hand and Foot Cream:
It's always a good idea to show some TLC to these areas and to wake up to them soft and nourished. My day time had cream is usually a light non sticky one. But for the night I prefer something more rich and hydrating. I am currently using The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Honey and Beeswax Hand and Foot Butter. Two in one. It does the job well and smells amazing :)

4) Cuticle Cream:
I usually tend to have thick and dry cuticles (TMI?) so somedays I like spending an extra minute on them. I love the Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. It is quite efficient.

5) Eye Cream:
The lazy me is not used to putting it on everyday. Nevertheless, I do try and be as consistent as I can. Currently I am using The Body Shop Shiso Brigthening Eye Cream. It has a metal tip which feels nice and cool at the end of the day.

6) Tea Tree Oil:
This is super efficient if you have acne prone skin like mine. I dab it on those nasty breakouts and it helps them calm down and heal faster. I love the one from The Body Shop.

7) Johnson's Baby Cream:
Well, some nights I want to slather this on just because it smells so darn fabulous! Who else loves the Johnson's Baby fragrance?!

8) Hand Sanitizer:
Clean hands while touching the face is very important, I also like to sanatize my phone screen at the end of the day (working in a hospital habit).

9) Massager thingy-s for the "FEEL GOOD" factor:
So the spiky wooden thing is an accupressure roll on thing which I love using on my hands and soles. The other egg beater type thing is for the head. These make a world of a difference after a hectic tiring day.

Apart from these things, I also have a nail file, a bottle of water, earphones, a book that I am currently reading (which tends to be a course book most of the times) and my phone charger.

So thats everything that I usually like keeping at arms reach from the bed. What's on your bedside table? 

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