My Current Favourite Hair Styling Products!

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I have got a few queries about the products I use for styling my hair and I thought it would be better to do a full post about it, so all of you can benefit from it. 
Let me start by telling you that I am not too experimental with hair styling. Not that I don't want to be, I just am hopeless at creating new styles and it is a tedious process for me. So my usual routine is shampoo, blow dry and using a hair straightener at the ends to take away the waves. That's about it. 
Though sometimes. I use products to get a slightly different look. Take a look at what's in my stash! 

Favourite Hair Styling Products
1. Osis + Flatliner
A heat protectant is a must. Especially since I am always running late and resort to a hair dryer to speeden things up. It is also a saviour with the hair straightner, which is one of my most used hair tools. This bottle was bought long back and is still going strong and I think it does its job well, since I haven't seen any hair damage with all the heat I use. 

2. Toni and Guy Sea Salt Texturizing Spray
I have smooth limp hair and braiding it or putting it up in a bun takes quite an effort. Let's not even talk about making them stay in place. So this is where the texturizing spray comes in super handy. It adds the much needed texture in my hair and makes braiding easier. It also maked scrunching up my hair is a bun quite a breeze. Plus, this one smells heavenly! Full review here. (Smriti got herself a bottle recently and loves it to bits)

3. L'Oreal TecniArt Full Volume Mousse
So, as I told you earlier, my hair is on the limp side. So on occasions, I like using a dollop of this volumising mousse on my roots before blow drying. It lifts up my hair, adds decent volume and also provides some hold. I don't use it regularly though. 

Favourite Hair Styling Products

4. Dry Shampoo
This is a life saviour! There are so many times, when my hair is greasy, I have to go out somewhere and I do not have the time to shampoo. Long Live Dry Shampoo! I finished a bottle by L'Oreal (read full review here) and currently I am using this one by Bblunt which does the job well too. Life Saviour!

5. Hair Serum
Now these are my absolute favourite hair products. I have stopped using conditioner altogether for a while now and have switched to hair serums instead. My all time favourite one is the L'Oreal Smooth Intense (reviewed here) and I also love using the Moroccan Oil (recent find). I love the smoothness both give and they both smell great!

Apart from these, I basically always stick to 2 tools - A hair dryer and a straightner. I am super bad at using curling wands (I have tried and failed everytime). This small hairdryer from Panasonic is just lovely. It is small, powerful enough to speed up the drying time and it has been running strong for the past 4 years now. As far as hair straightners are concerned, I love my Philips Kerashine, but I am currently trying out the Diamond Straightner from Irressistable Me and I like how super light it is, despite being powerful!

What are your favourite hair styling products? Any recommendations for me?


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