October 2016 Empties!

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This is coming a bit late, I know. I was a bit caught up with work. But here are the October empties finally, so take a look :)

1. Kama Ayurveda Rose Water
I was using 2 bottles simultaneously, one got over in september, and this one finished last month. I can't even begin to explain how much I love rose water, particularly this one! I have raved about it enough here.
I need to rush to the store and get another one asap! In the meantime, I am trying out a new toner and I will talk about it soon.

2. Johnson's Baby Top to Toe Wash
I have been using this to wash my makeup brushes and sponges for a very long time now and it works just fine. Already repurchased! Know more about how I wash my brushes here.

3. Soulflower Lemongrass Essential Oil
I love the smell of lemongrass! I was using this one by Soulflower for about a year now.  Few drops of it + water + reed sticks + pretty glass bottle (recyled perfume bottle) = DIY Reed Diffuser! And it makes the room smell so fresh and lovely.

3. Fabinia Lemongrass Facial Spray
Had bought this one a long time back, due to my love for lemongrass. It was a big disappointment. Used it as a foot spray and its finally over. Never repurchasing!

3. Maybelline baby Lips
I like a nontinted lip balm for the night. Was using the baby lips in Antioxidant berry, but have now found the Kama Ayurveda lip balms which work a lot well. So, as far as Baby Lips are concerned, I will be sticking to the tinted ones.

3. Maybelline Colorama in Rubi
Oh Maybelline! Why did you have to stop the Colorama line! Rubi, was my HG red polish and now that the last bottle I had is over, I have a dent on my heart which no other red polish seems to fix. I have looked around for the same color and haven't found a smiliar one yet.  You know, what the say about "the one" holds true in every aspect!
Do you have any suggestions for me? I really need this color in my life! Do let me know :)


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