BodyHerbals Skin Brightening Instant Beauty Face Pack : Review

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When you live in the tropics, and on the east side of the country, it's hard to come by a day when the sun isn't pouring all its malice on you. Remember the Glucon-D ad, where the sun keeps sipping away the energy of every poor soul daring enough to be outside? That's exactly what keeps playing in my mind every single time I traipse through my campus. Apart from feeling drained physically, I also feel drained aesthetically. My skin sports an astonishing tan despite all the protection I use, and also seems dull if I skip caring for it even for a couple of days!

Out of the numerous items I use to maintain some of the glory of my skin, this brightening face pack is a recent addition, but one well worth the expenditure.

BodyHerbals Skin Brightening Instant Beauty Face Pack review

BodyHerbals is a brand I had dipped my toes into with their sugar body scrub which left me quite satisfied with the results. On the recent sales hosted by Purplle, I decided to get this skin brightening face pack, as I'm always in need of such products, and moreover...SALE! How is it possible to resist that? :D

There is something puzzling about the jar though. It felt so so light even when it was sealed! I almost thought I was cheated, but the weight came out to be exactly as claimed.

Inside the white plastic jar is a product that looks much like Lacto Calamine, mixed with scrub particles and fragranced with orange extracts! But, it lives upto all the claims made by the brand, which are as follows

The goodness of almonds with honey and orange will reduce pigmentation and is anti-tan. Almond, honey and orange will improve skin texture, and will naturally make the skin more radiant. The anti-oxidant found in almonds is very essential for skin elasticity, and all three natural ingredients are a powerhouse for glowing and youthful complexion.

Ingredients : Honey, Aloe vera extract, Almond oil, Orange essential oil, Sugar, Guar gum, Rice extract, Seabuckthorn oil, Seabuckthorn leaf extract, Potassium sorbate.

BodyHerbals Skin Brightening Instant Beauty Face Pack review

The face pack comes as a thick paste with a slight bounce to it. Dampening your face with rose water (or plain) helps the product to spread easily on the skin. It takes a short while to dry, usually under 5 minutes for a thin layer. I always re-wet it with a few spritzes of my favourite Aroma Magic Aromatic toner and allow it to dry only after 15-20 minutes.

Washing this face pack off is really easy, and the small grains it it provide good exfoliation to my face and neck; not too harsh, not too mild, just right! Even as I wipe my face dry, the brightening effect is evident. My skin looks so refreshed, and feels baby smooth!

Earlier, I was extremely partial to the Aroma Magic Brightening Beauty Pack, and while I still love it for quick sessions, the BodyHerbals face pack fared better on my skin. I love using it before an event too, just to ensure my skin is at its radiant best. To compare between the two, the Aroma Magic one does not dry completely. It is a smooth cream based pack which sinks into the skin without stretching it. If your skin is extremely dry, it's best to get this. If your skin leans a bit toward combination to oily, the BodyHerbals one is for you, as it dries into a stretchy layer which your skin can tolerate :)

To protect my dry skin, I always follow up with a light moisturiser, like the Extraordinary Boosting Oil, or Fagel by JustHerbs (another new acquisition!) after applying this face pack.

Price : 375INR for 100g

Turn on that natural glow, girl!

P.S. I have now realized that even after going through two tubes of the Aroma Magic face pack myself and gifting one each to Swati and my mother, I haven't shared it on the blog! My heartfelt apologies, a post dedicated to it will be up soon!

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