The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Honey & Beeswax Hand And Foot Butter : Review

Written by: Swati on:

I have a weakness for hand and foot creams. Blame it on the long hours on working with plaster and gloves and standing, but I always feel that my extremities need extra TLC. So, today I have The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Honey & Beeswax Hand And Foot Butter (quite a long name!) up for you! 

I have gone thorough quite a few hand and foot creams and some of my favourites are the Scholl Foot Cream and the Neutrogena Hand Cream. And while those work really good especailly during the day, I wanted a thicker more nourishing one for the night. When I saw this baby on sale, I just had to pick it up :)

I love the jar packaging, though it is little inconvenient to use compared to a squeezy tube, it sure does look pretty on the dresser. Pssst, you can reuse the jar afterwards :)

The cream is super smooth and buttery and smells SO GOOD! It spreads well and is super hydrating and intensely nourishing and feels quite luxurious to use. Insspite of being so rich, it doesn't feel too greasy or sticky. I like putting some cotton socks overnight to let it sink in and my feet and super soft the morning after. 

It is a perfect product if you are on the lookout for somethign rich and nourishing for your hands and feet. It is very suitable for winters as well. It is on the expensive side, so keep a lookout during the sales. 

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