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Being a beauty blogger, there are times when my stash is overflowing with products (occupational hazard). Recently I was decluttering my entire stash (throwing away expired products, seperating things that could be passed on to others) and keeping back things I love and will use. Which is when I thought I should do a post on the products I repurchase the most. 

I always like knowing about things that others absolutely love and maybe you would want to know about the things that you would always find in my stash. Here you go :

Favourite Products, Usual Repurchases, Frequent Repurchases,

1) Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Hair Oil
If there was only one hair oil I could have, it would be this. I love it a lot and have recommended it to quite a few people, who have happened to like it too. Full views here.

2) Bioderma Sensibio H2O
This works wonders when it comes to removing makeup from the face. It is gentle and suits me sensitive skin. I need this extra step before using a cleanser, just to make sure I get rid of all my makeup. I always like getting the bigger bottle and I am already through my 2nd one! Detailed review here.

3) Johnson's Baby Top to Toe Wash
I have always used this to deep clean my brushes. It does the job effectively. I don't even remember how many bottles of this I have gone through :D Know more about how I clean my brushes here.

4) Lotus 3-in-1 Matte Sunscreen
The only suncreen I have truly loved! I have been using this one for years and will be using it for years to come. Need I say more? More details here.

5) Maybelline Baby Lips
I have tried a lot of tinted lip balms, and I feel nothing is better than Baby Lips. I love them. The formula is good, they have good shades. I have quite a few in my stash at all times. Spiced Up, Candy Wow, Electro Pop or the original variants, I love them all. If I need a tinted lip balm, I will always reach out for Baby Lips!

6) Kama Ayurveda Rose Water
The best one I have tried so far! On bottle no 3. I love love love it. In-depth review here

Favourite Products, Usual Repurchases, Frequent Repurchases,

7) Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
Even though I keep trying new mascaras every now and then, I always have The Falsies in my collection. It gives everything I have ever needed from a mascara. One of the best ones out there for sure! More views here.

8) Sure Roll On
I have stopped using deodorant sprays for a while now and alcohol containing products for the underarms is also a big no-no. I love the Sure Roll on (reviewed here). It is effective, travel friendly and alcohol free.

9) Lacto Calamine Daily Moisturising Lotion
I remember my mom making me use this way back in school, but over the years this just faded. During a recent bad skin phase, I reached out for it again and there has been no looking back. I love it! 3 bottles down and still going strong. It works perfectly as an everyday moisturizer for me. And it is so affordable!

10) Maybelline Total Clean Makeup Remover
I have tried ones from Lakme, L'Oreal, Clinique and Clarins. While the latter two are quite good, I don't see the point in investing in a high end one on a students budget...someday I will indulge surely! When it comes to the drugstore makeup remover, I always come back to the Maybelline one. Whether it was the old variant or this newer one, it has never disappointed me. More details here.

11) Saslic 
I have oily-combination acne prone skin. And while now I have incorporated more gentler cleansers/face washes in my everyday routine, there was a time when I used Saslic almost everyday and it helped a lot with those breakouts. I still keep a bottle handy, but now I use it around once a week or so. Reviwed here.

12) Bblunt Perfect Balance Shampoo
My hair lacks volume and it is quite difficult to find a shampoo that retains the smoothness without making the hair heavy/limp. The Body Shop Banana shampoo was a good find, but off late I have been loving the Bblunt Perfect Balance Shampoo. It retains the softness of my hair, but does not make it heavy or too limp. Win win! I am already on my 2nd big bottle. Absolutely loving this one. And unless I happen to find something better, I would continue repurchasing it.

13) The Body Shop Ginger Shampoo
Since I also suffer from an itchy scalp every now and then, I like to keep a clarifying shampoo handy. The Body Shop Ginger Shampoo is a favourite. (Reviewed here) It gets rid of any product buildup and all the dirt and I like alternating it with my other shampoo (since it is a bit drying). I also love the fragrance.

14) Ponds BB Cream
I have tried a few others from the drugstore and I always come back to this one. I love it. It comes in one shade, which is the major drawback, but it happens to match my skintone so yaay! I can get light-medium coverage with it and most days this is all I wear (no foundation, no concealer. Just this). More details here.

A few other products worth mentioning (which are not in my kit as of now/I haven't been able to finish the first bottle yet, but I would absolutely love to repurchase) are :

Apart from these, there are a few products that I have been using off late that I might end up repurchasing often. If is so happens, I will keep you all posted with an updated list!

What are the products that you always keep going back to and repurchasing? Let me know in the comments below :)


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