OGX Gravity-Defying & Hydration O2, Weightless Oil + Lifting Tonic : Review

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I have a thing for bi-phased products. It feels almost like alchemy, like there's a pinch of marvellous science in my stash!

That's what you get with an over-active imagination. My thoughts run amok too easily :D

This spray by OGX (earlier called Organix) is however, a brilliant potion that looked too pretty to give a pass, and turned out good enough to warrant a blog post with just 3 weeks of use!

The O2 range by OGX has a multitude of products aimed at being gravity defying and providing hydration.
Discover luscious hair and hydrated looking hair with this breezy, light blend with advanced oxygen technology and cloudberry oil. This fresh formula helps moisturize, volumize, and breathe life into fine hair.
This spray has two immiscible liquids, a colourless oil above floating above a blue tonic. The bottle needs to be given a vigorous shake before use to emulsify the whole concoction.

Once sprayed onto the hair, the first thing to captivate me is its fresh fragrance. It smells clean and ocean-y, with the slightest hint of floral notes. Frankly, I would have loved to chance upon an EDT/EDP having a similar perfume, it's perfect for summer!
I really like how a few sprays of this mix breathes freshness into my day 2 hair, so I do not have to worry about it smelling unclean.

The other thing which always wows me post application is the way it makes my hair so soft! I have unusually dry and frizzy ends and with a single spray they get their bounce back. My hair looks smoother and feels soft to touch. (Suljhi hui zulfein, amen!) This effect lasts for a day, after which it's usually time for me to shampoo again.

Needless to say, once I use this hydrating oil onto my hair, I cannot stop sniffing and touching it! :D (And neither can people around me, *wink*)

Price :725 INR for 118ml

Do you have any favorite pick-me-up products for your hair? Spill the beans below!


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