March 2017 Empties!

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These empties posts are being such a saviour and actually making me use up instead of just stashing them away. It is also being a great way to see what are the things I keep repurchasing (which make it to the HG list). So here's what I have used up in March :)

1. Bioderma Sensibo Micellar Water
I think I will keep repurchasing it till the time I come across something better (which I doubt for now). I know you must be thinking that why still use Bioderma when L'Oreal and Maybelline have come out with micellar waters that are cheaper? But look closely girls, the price:volume makes Bioderma cheaper! Unless ofcourse you manage to get a good discount on the others.
So yeah, Bioderma, works great for removing face makeup, not that much on the eyes. But my sensitive acne prone skin loves this. More details here. Already repurchased!

2. Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 Matte Daily Sunblock
The number of times I have mentioned it here on the blog. Another absolute HG product. I have not found a sunscreen that works better for me than this one. Full review here. Already repurchased!

3. The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream
It was a nice light one. I wasn't a big fan of the fragrance though. The only reason it got used up finally was due to the summer heat where I don't feel like using the more heavy duty ones and this was light enough to be used in the heat. Full thoughts here. I got these in a sale, and I don't think I would be repurchasing.

4. The Body Shop Virjin Mojito Body Sorbet
While the fragrance was super refreshing especially in the summer. I wasn't too impressed with the texture or the after feel of this one. It was a decent one overall, lightweight and provided some hydration. I won't be repurchasing it though. Full review here.

5. Clarins Extra Firming Eye Cream
I love Clarins skicare. The Lotus Treatment Oil is HG product! And I wanted to try some more products from the brand. I had been trying out a small sample of this eye cream past month, at night. And it works fabulously! It is hydrating yet does not feel heavy, it made a visible difference and I might need to save up and get a full size tube soon!

So, that's what I used up last month. What did you manage to finish?


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