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Clear the way for the King of Fruits!!

You have to admit that we Indians are obsessed with mangoes. It is probably one of the very few things we look forward to as summer approaches, and with the heat already scorching us, what time would be more suitable to share The Body Shop Mango Range with you?

Can we get a squeal from all the mango lovers? :D

This gift box was, well.. a gift (duh) from my bestie, a souvenir from her UK trip and this is why we have been inseparable since childhood. Girl has an uncanny sense of what my heart secretly desires and she never fails to conjure it up for me! If you're reading this A, I love you, muah!

And to all my other readers, as soon as you're done with this post, take a moment out to drop your BFF a compliment too :)

TBS products are always a delight to try out, and this range lived up to its reputation. Inside the gift box was a bottle of shower gel, one soap, and a tub of sugar scrub and body butter each. A cute travel sized loofah was also included, in matching yellow tones, which I found to be quite thoughtful if you're one who likes to co-ordinate your toiletries around a theme!

As you'll notice, the soap and the loofah are not included in this picture because...well, I couldn't resist the soap, and the loofah traveled all the way to Bhubaneswar with me :) Sorry!

As you can see, that's the bottle of mango-licious shower gel. The clear bottle is very convenient to use and you can keep track of how much is left inside. The flip top cap is tight and has withstood travelling safely.
The gel itself has a honey like consistency and lathers into luxurious foam despite being soap free! I absolutely love the way it cleans my skin and does not dry it out.

This is the body butter of the range. Compared to the Shea body butter (our favorite for dry skin), the Mango one feels a lot lighter. The silky textured butter spreads easily on the skin and melts into it to provide nearly 6-7 hours of intense moisturization. And let's not forget the divine smell of mangoes that this body butter leaves on the skin! Heavenly I tell you! This one will give you cravings like no other!


And here's the sugar body scrub. Now, I have loved the Cocoa body scrub, and the Cranberry body polisher in the past but I'd never tried out any TBS sugar scrubs, so I was quite keen to try it out and compare it to other brands.

This Mango sugar scrub feels a lot drier than the BodyHerbals one. Its sugar granules are of a medium grain size which achieves coarse exfoliation extremely well. The crystals give you an adequate amount of time to massage your limbs before the melt away into nothingness mango-ey goodness. After all the pampering, my skin is left feeling soft and so smooth, I constantly keep touching my legs whenever I have used this scrub!
Apart from regular bath-time scrubbing, I think the Mango sugar scrub is a good option for mani-pedi sessions, particularly a tropical themed one :D

And even though the soap isn't pictured here, let me throw in my opinion on it regardless. As expected, it carried the divine mango smell with it and made my whole bathroom feel like a mango orchard. However, the fragrance did not last on my skin after bathing. That said, the soap was definitely quite mild on the skin and did not melt too fast. It didn't feel moisturizing enough for me, so I always followed up with generous dollops of body butter to keep my skin soft and also the scent going.

That's all for today folks! What's your favorite summer fruit, and would you wear its scent throughout the day? :)

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