Shaving Part I : Gillette Venus Breeze Session with Kalki Koechlin

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Hello everyone! 
If you have been following our blog closely, you would probably know by now that when it comes to hair removal, we have pretty much stopped waxing a long time back. Who has the time to schedule a salon appointment these days or the patience to wait till the hair grows back completely?! 

No way. So when it comes to hair removal there are 2 methods I prefer these days....epilation and shaving. 
While epilation is a good method & my most preferred, it does take time too. So when  I am in a hurry I reach to shaving. 10 minutes in the shower and I am all done!

Gillete Venus is probably the first name that comes to most of our minds when we hear shaving for women in India, doesn't it? 
While we have reviwed the Venus razor long back on the blog, the latest variant Gillette has to offer is Breeze  which is about making shaving more convenient.

Gillette Venus, Gillette Venus Breeze, Venus Breeze

We have done a mini unboxing video and have already spoken briefly about Breeze on our Instagram page

Last tuesday I was invited by Gillette Venus to a Shaving Session with Kalki Koechlin. Along with her, Namrata Soni & Dr. Rashmi Shetty also graced the event and spoke about the myths associated with shaving as well as their personal experiences with it. 

Gillette Venus, Gillette Venus Breeze, Venus Breeze

It was such a fun and informative session and we got to ask our concerns and questions one on one which was super helpful. 

Gillette Venus, Gillette Venus Breeze, Venus Breeze

Here are the points which got affirmed from the experts that day:

1. Shaving, when done correctly, ensures removal of the top layer of skin which ultimately helps to make it smoother. It does not lead to dry dull skin. You need to moisturize your body properly of course.

2. Shaving does not alter the skin color or hair textureShaving cuts the hair from the surface leaving the part below the skin as it is. Yes, you might feel sometimes that the hair is getting coarser but that is just the stubble growing out and once the hair grows back to it's normal taper, it will feel normal. 

3. Always use a sharp razor to avoid skin damage and to get a smoother shave.

4. You can shave in any direction you want - against the hair growth or towards it. It really does not matter now, thanks to the the better blade designs now available.

5. razor with a flexible head, makes reaching those difficult areas (knees, ankles) so much easier without cutting yourself.

Venus Breeze is a 2-in-1 tool. Razor + Gel bars and is especially designed to enhance the overall shaving experience. The moisture gel bars are water activated and are formualted with olive, avocado and kokum butterrs as well as gylcerin. These gel bar claim to completely eliminate the need of soap/shaving gel and provide enough lubrication for shaving. They also claim to help retain skin moisture and give you the smoothest shave ever. 

Overall, the entire event was truly informative and quite fun. Gillette Venus busted all out myths and apprehensions about shaving and with the new Breeze there is nothing better one could have asked for! If you still have some doubts, do ask me in the comments below and I would love to help you out! :)

P.S. I will be doing an in depth review about the Gillette Venus Breeze soon! Stay tuned for that! 


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