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All these years, an indulgent beauty routine and pamper was limited to the weekend (or off days) for me. I like to keep my weekday beauty routine quite simple, something that usually doesn't take more than 5 mintues. 
However, considering that most of us are presently working from home, and there isn't a clear demarcation between the days anymore (I am honestly losing track of the date often & sometimes the day too), I have been able to give more time to my beauty routine than I would have before. So, I thought of sharing the extra bits & bobs I am doing that are making my skin feel great - I am getting odd breakouts every now & then but those are mostly hormonal or an aftermath of food I am stuffing my face with. 
Reminder : Try and eat healthy!

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Breathe A Little

Even though I never like to wear a full face of makeup to work, I do wear a little bit - mascara, an occasional kajal every now & then, lipstick, a bit of blush & bronzer. 
This is a great time to just stop wearing makeup. I know some people like to wear a bit even now since it makes them feel put together (I get that. You do you. Whatever works for you). But if you ask me, you are at home everyday - no one is coming in no one is going out. So you might as well lay off the makeup and let you skin breathe! Instead do your skincare luxuriously. You skin will be really happy. 
Put on a lipstick if you want to, but leave the skin foundation & concealer free. And do not forget to put on SPF (yes, even though you are inside)

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Hydration & Invisible Masks

I don't really consider these products as "masks", to me they are a variant of moisturizers - just more intense & hydrating. But, they give your skin a boost of much needed hydration.
I like that most of these masks go on transparent so you can just apply a thin layer and go on with your day. One of my all time favourites & the one I am currently using is the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask - hydrating & even works well alone on my combination skin. I have also used & enjoyed the Dot & Key Moisture Infusion Water Sleeping Mask (reviewed HERE) - smells like heaven & melts into a water-like cocoon of goodness over the skin .The Glam Glow Thirsty Mud is also a nice option, if you are looking for something thicker in texture. 
And while we are on the subject of hydration, let's not forget to take care of the lips. Chances are that you will be drinking less water than when you are out and about, so make sure to keep using a hydrating lip balm & also drinking plenty of water. 

Get The Lymph Moving

This is a great time to get into the habit of do-it-yourself facial massages. A massage will help in - Lymphatic drainage (aka detoxification), Increased blood circulation (more nourishment to the skin) & Muscle relaxation. 
My preferred tools for this are the Ohria Ayurveda Kansa Massage Wand - this helps draw out the acidity in the skin (reviewed HERE) & a good quality crystal Gua Sha (jade, amethyst, rose quartz - take your pick). I try and use the Gua Sha once everyday (depends on what time I have the enegry) and the Kansa Wand once a week. 
Doing a face massage isn't as time cosuming as you thought it would be. Take 5 minutes out everyday to do this extra step and you will notice a difference. If you don't have any tools, don't fret. There are many tutorials on YouTube which show you how to do a quick massage using your fingers. They work well too. The main point is just to get the lymph moving. 

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Eye-Scream For Some Care

Tell me you got what I did there, yes? yes? (Eye-Scream..Haha!). 
Listen, using a eye cream is enough. You don't really need to do anything more. This is just a bit of an indulgence which at the moment I like to do. You can layer the Dot & Key Eye Sleeping Mask (reviewed HERE), with your eye cream for an added boost. This specially works well for people who have drier skin around the eye. With the summer heat increasing day by day, I espeically like doing this in the night if we are using the air conditoner. The skin doesn't feel dry & stretchy the morning after. 
Eye masks also feel great - you know, those hydrogel eye patches? Keep them cold in the fridge and put a pair on to help depuff those bags if you have had a late night - which at the moment I have a lot of. They feel cool & soothing and give me a spa-like feeling. I am using the Pixi FortifEYE patches at the moment. 
Necessary? No. Extra? Yes. Feels good? Definitely!

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The Extra Bits

I will be honest - I am enjoying masking way more than what I usually did. And since I have the time now, I am going back to using more homemade masks (DIY) - face, hair & body than going for the pre made ones. 
I love everything about homemade masks - The natural ingredients & our Indian culture behind it. The way they feel is an amazing experience for me. And they really do work! I always try and use homemade masks as much as possible, but often, we don't have the time or energy to indulge in one. Well, now is the time to call your grandmom or mom (or get in touch with me) and utilize all those natural ingredients. We have been sharing a few recipes on Instagram - check them out HERE.  
If you aren't able to do the DIYs, I also like the Forest Essentials Ubtans - reviewed HERE & HEREKama Ayurveda Nimrah Facemask- works well for acne prone skin and the GlamGlow Supermud (reviewed HERE) which does a lovely job of deep cleaning. 

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Take-a-Break Nail

Now is a great time to give your nails a rest too. It's advised & is better to keep them short anyway given the current situation (hygiene people!) so why not give nail polish and extensions a break. Frankly, I have never been a fan of nail extensions/gel/acyrlic nails. I am not judging people who do them, but personally I don't like them much. I have tried gel nails once - big mistake! Use this time instead to make your natural nails healthy. Nourish the nail bed & try to make your nails stronger. I have done a full post on my current nail routine & why I am keeping them bare. You can read it HERE

Haircare Going Strong

Remember all those times when you said that you didn't get enough time to take proper care of your hair? Now you have all the time in the world. So nourish your hair as much as possible before it's time to get back to busy everyday work schedule again. Your hair will thank you. Since I am spening the days locked in my house, I am oiling my hair a lot more than usual. And I don't mind keeping the oil in my hair all day. I also like  homemade hair masks. They work well and I like how you can customize them to address your hair needs. (I am not that great at applying DIY hair masks - I get super messy, but I am trying do incorporate a few here & there). If you don't want to use a homemade one, there are some good commercial options available too. I like the Mama Earth Argain Hair Mask (reviewed HERE) which especially works well for dry frizzy hair. The L'Oreal Mythic Oil Nourishing Hair Mask (reviewed HERE) is also a good one for making the hair soft & adding some shine. 
This is also a great time to take a break from all your hair styling tools. Give the heat a rest and let your hair air dry naturally. Yes, you won't have perfectly styled hair, but no one is seeing you. 

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I hope you all incorporate some of these tips (if not all) in your current beauty qurantine routine. 


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