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Hey hey! Smriti here!

I'm back with another one of my favourites - the YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve, and I'm so thankful I decided to buy it after going back and forth many times :)

This product made its way into my stash at a time when I was battling a particularly difficult bout of angry bumps and flakiness on my skin (overdid the exfoliation, ugh) and it was crying out for help...AND I ran out of the Plant Remedy Skin Elixir oil! - Reviewed HERE

YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve, YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve review, YBP, YBP Skin Salve review

Most of you will know that YBP makes all its skincare in small batches with fresh, slow farmed ingredients, so when I saw that the oil was out of stock, I decided to get my hands on the Skin Salve as a replacement.

I do want to say up front though, that the skin salve is by no means a replacement for the skin elixir. Both products are very different in their formulation, and also in how they're meant to be used but have a common purpose of nourishing your skin.

What the brand says?

Skin Salve is a waterless, rich and concentrated moisturizing balm that sinks deeply into the skin. It helps repair free radical damage and protects skin from dehydration and moisture loss. Potent, raw, and unrefined botanicals were selected to regenerate the skin, supporting all aspects of ‘aging gracefully’. Its phytonutrient profile is specific to brightening, evening out skin tone, along with strengthening and building connective tissue for firm and supple skin. Dense nutrients and antioxidants found in our Skin Salve provide necessary building blocks for optimal overnight skin repair. This Salve is very rich and dense hence, we recommend using it only during night-time on damp skin. The main purpose of our Skin Salve is to deeply restore radiant skin health.

IngredientsShea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa), Cera Alba, Babchi Oil (Psoralea Corylifolia), Evening Primrose Oil (Oenothera Biennis), Carrot Seed Oil (Daucus Carota Stavia), Rosehip Fruit Oil (Rosa Rubiginosa), **In House Blend of Rapeseed Seed Oil (Brassica Campestris) - Licorice Root Extract (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) - Marsh Mallow Root Extract (Althaea Officinalis) - Rice Bran Extract (Oryza Sativa)**, Rosemary Leaf Extract (Rosmarinus Officinalis), Natural Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Jojoba Seed Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis), Geranium Oil (Pelargonium X Asperum), Blue Tansy Oil (Tanacetum Annuum)

The product comes in blue tinted glass jar with a stopper lid and plastic screw on cap. They provide a wooden spatula with every full sized jar. The outer packaging is the same as all their other skincare products - raw, handmade Khadi paper. 
Ingredient wise, skin salve isn't as simple as the elixir oil.

YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve, YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve review, YBP, YBP Skin Salve review

This makes it quite rich and nutrient dense. The green tinted salve is emollient and soft, even during winters (or if you store it inside the fridge). As soon as you scoop it out and rub it between your palms, it melts into a delightfully fragrant oil that sinks into damp skin with a few strokes. A light massage helps the salve to absorb quicker. You can see the salve in action in our video HERE, to get an idea of how the texture is

The fragrance resembles that of the Plant Remedy oil but richer, I really wish you could smell it through the screen! It's a whole aromatherapy experience and does so much to relax your mind. I hold my palms to my nose and take a few deep breaths before I apply it onto my skin. Spa-like experience right then and there!

YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve, YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve review, YBP, YBP Skin Salve review

On immediate application, the salve makes my skin feel soft. I have extremely dry skin that feels tight and stretched as soon as I step out of the shower. For this reason, I have always preferred face oils, but this salve takes nourishment to a whole new level. As I apply a pea-sized amount of the salve, I can feel my skin's dryness getting relieved. Once the salve is absorbed, it leaves a healthy sheen behind.

YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve, YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve review, YBP, YBP Skin Salve review

I would like all of you to understand that unlike many others in the market, YBP doesn't make tall claims about making miracle products that will transform your skin overnight, give it an ethereal glow and so on. The same goes for the Plant Remedy Skin Salve- think of this balm as skin food. It won't show drastic results immediately, instead it works to nourish and support your skin's health...repairing any damage it finds, giving your skin the boost it needs to be the best it can be. Happy skin has it's own radiance.

Use the plant remedy skin salve with a bit of faith, and focus on manifesting the skin you want. Breathe in deeply, and let your mind surrender to its fragrance. Try getting into a routine of massaging your skin with the salve, with your hands or a tool and over time, you'll see the magic happen :)

YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve, YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve review, YBP, YBP Skin Salve review

For my skin, a weekly application is good enough. I consider the Skin Salve a precious part of my stash and use it judiciously. My jar stays in the fridge and I recommend taking this precaution with all their products. Please use a dry and clean spatula to scoop out the salve. Being made of raw ingredients and without preservatives, all products of YBP skincare need us to be vigilant and not cause unnecessary contamination.

YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve, YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve review, YBP, YBP Skin Salve review

Price : 1500 INR for 15ml
            2500 INR for 30ml

I'll be back soon with another post! Keep an eye out, and until then I wish you happy skin :)


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