Summer Skincare Routine (With Prodcuct Recommendations!)

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With the temperature rising each day, I thought it was the best time to compile a Summer Skincare Routine for you all. While the basic steps of skincare (cleansing, moisturizing, sunscreen) remain the same  throughout the year, summer skincare especially in a hot humid country like India can do with a few tweaks. 

Here we go!

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1) Cleanse 

Use a gentle sulphate free face wash/cleanser to get the sweat & grime off the skin. Spend 45-60 seconds to let the cleanser do it's job. Definitely use a face wash every evening/night before your skincare routine. You can use a cleanser in the morning too - depending how sweaty your face gets in the night. I usually do not use a face wash in the morning, but sometimes I feel the need to especially in the summer. 

2) Face Mist

You can argue that it is not really essential & I agree with that, but using a mist/floral water in the summer heat feels so refreshing! Keep you bottle in the refrigerator if you can - a spritz of the cool spray feels heavenly. It also adds a light layer of hydration which you can then seal in with a moisturizer. 

3) Moisturizer

Light gel moisturisers are perfect for the summer. They provide enough moisture and seal the hydration in, without being heavy or making the skin feel greasy & shiny. I know that it is tempting to skip a moisturizer in this heat, but try not to. Look for the terms like "oil free , mattifying , water cream" etc while picking a summer moisturizer as these formulas are generally lighter.

4) Sunscreen

I do not need to remind you again about how important it is to use a sunscreen. Remember to use it everyday, if you are stepping out or if you are indoors. You can switch to a matte finish one. Use a physical or a chemical formula - whichever you prefer. 

6) Lip Balm 

I don't know about you, but my lips get dry and dehydrated very easily in the summer heat. Keep using a nourishing lip balm 2-3 times a day to keep the lips moisturized & supple. Refrain from licking the lips if they get dry as that is counterproductive and will only dry them more. Using a lip balm with SPF is also a good idea. 

7) Masks

Clay masks work quite well in deep cleaning the pores & absorbing excess oil/sebum. Use a pre made one or a home made one - once a week or once every 10 days - all over or only on your problem areas (oily t-zone or congested areas)
Soothing & Cooling masks are also really nice to use in the heat, especially on a hot day or after a day out in the sun. 

8) Additional Sun Protection

Use an umbrella or a wide brimmed hat & dark sunglasses with UV protection while going out in the day time. Try and keep your arms and feet covered as much as possible while you are out to prevent a tan. 

9) Eat

You must be wondering, why I am mentioning food in a skincare routine. Well, skincare isn't just external is it? A lot depends on what we eat too. Remember to stay hydrated - drink an adequate amount of water, eat the local seasonal cooling fruits & veggies 
  • watermelon 
  • melon
  • cucumber
  • palm tree fruit (ice apple/nungu/taad pal) if you can find some
  • litchis 
  • curd or buttermilk - cooling + gut health
  • coconut water - loaded with minerals & vitamins ; one of the best summer drinks
  • aam panna (a refreshing sweet & tangy drink made of raw mangoes).

Hope you found this post helpful :)


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