Makeup and the Medico Life : Lessons we learnt and our tips to help you!

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When you think of a doctor, what comes to your mind? And we're talking about an image.

All throughout our medical schooling, the one thing that we realised is that appearance matters. No, supermodel akin beauty is not the theme here, rather how you present yourself to the patient is what's important. Health care is a field that demands discipline and dedication, more sobriety than others. 

So how do you incorporate a love of makeup into this life? 

Luckily, we've put together a few notes that should help you juggle these opposites with ease. Keep it classy, keep it professional- but don't miss out on the fun!


No love, we aren't talking about primer, illuminator and all that jazz. You'll find that a humble skin care routine will win the hand any day at this game. Invest a little time to take care of your skin and take pride in the glow that follows! It will allow you to wear less makeup on days when you're rushed.
Of course, a light layer of coverage never hurts and it is good to have something in your stash. Hydrating formulas are the best for a natural skin-like (think dewy or satin) finish. We especially like Nykaa's Skin Genius foundation, MAC Face and Body, and Bobbi Brown's Stick Foundation. Each of them has been tried and trusted and bears our stamp of approval! They are available on Nykaa


Dark circles are those pests that will give away your hard-working/long studying schedule. Cover them up a lightweight creamy concealer. If your under-eyes are especially dark, consider getting a colour corrector to help conceal them better. We loved Maybelline's Fit Me concealer, and Wet n Wild's PhotoFocus one as budget buys, ideal for college. Also check out NYX's Dark Circle Concealer. And if you're in the mood for something fancier, there's no match for Bobbi Brown.  A fresh complexion is always appreciated in any workplace, so make sure you aren't the tired face in the lot! On all good skin days, concealer was the only thing we wore as base- quick, easy, and brilliant. L.A. Girl's Pro Conceal HD has been a real saviour on many days with its full coverage and easy bendability.


Your trophy may glitter, but your peepers should definitely not! Take care not to let a disco eye look take away from your credibility as a professional. Pearls and satins are okay, but mattes are your best bet. Fortunately, there's no dearth of eyeshadows in the market and our top picks are Maybelline's The Nudes, NYX Warm Neutrals or the Lid Lingerie palettes. When in doubt, opt for a clean liner look (choose amongst dark colours like black, charcoal, brown, navy, or deep olive to complement your outfit) to elongate your eyes while adding colour subtly! Always choose a natural, separating mascara to make your eyes look more open. We are ardent worshippers of the NYX Doll Eye (great everyday option) and Maybelline's Lash Sensational (adds glam to any look).


Well, that depends on the B... Blush is tricky, bronzer is not. Bronzer naturally compliments our tan skin tone so use it to your advantage. Again, stay away from shimmer and invest in a good matte product to use. the Balm's Bahama Mama Bronzer & the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder proved to be a serious game changer for us! Coming to blushes, pick earthy shades to tie together any look, or take note of what your own flush looks like to buy a similar shade. Does anyone recall our obsession with Maybelline's Color Show blushes? It's still quite strong! theBalm makes some lovely blushes too - Balm Springs is a favourite. Pigmented & bright tomato reds, hot fuchsias are best avoided in our opinion. One more of our luxury picks is Bobbi Brown's Tawny Fool proof! Or you can go in with a sheer lip & cheek tint for a naturally flushed look. 


While we love a good red lip, and they are certainly a boost to one's confidence, neutrals take the front stage in this department. In a close, face-to-face interaction, a bold lip often comes off as distracting. Pink brown nudes work across a wide range of skin tones and add a touch of chicness as well. Balmy lip products like the new Color Crush lipsticks from Bobbi Brown, let your natural lip colour peek through and are easy to retouch. Needless to say they are our new faves! Liquid lipstick is too darn high-maintenance! Semi sheer gloss also is a great option, and our tubes of NYX Butter Glosses in Angel Food Cake, Tiramisu, and Praline have seen some serious love.


Again, rely on a healthy complexion + regular hydration to keep up the glow. Shimmery powders will often end up looking too harsh during personal interactions so choose wisely. Look for cream/liquid highlighters to keep it natural, or skip it altogether and add an extra touch of your favourite moisturizer on the high points of your face. We've tried a lot of highlighters in the past, a lot, and our best recommendations are YBP's Color Cream in Goddess, Maybelline's Face Studio Strobing Cream, and Colourpop's Super Shock highlighter in Wisp.


Pretty much the only thing you can keep strong, and win. Never underestimate the power of properly groomed brows! So keep those babies in shape and conquer the world like a boss. L'Oreal has strong brow contenders in the form of it's Genius Kit and Pomade. Maybelline's Fashion Brow Duo Shaper is another budget-friendly favourite of ours. If you're into powders Freedom's Duo Brow Powder is worth a look, but sadly contains no applicator. Brows frame the face and can transform your look into a much more polished version of yourself. Remember not to fret over making them identical -  sisters, not twins policy! Set them with some mascara and you're good to go. We have a Guide to Fabulous Brows post right here


Long talons? Please give them a trim! A health care setting is no place to flaunt nail art or whatever latest mani your favourite Kardashian is sporting. Clean and short nails not only inspire confidence in the patient, but they also make work easier apart from the other very obvious fact of facilitating hand hygiene. If you must use nail polish, choose a nude that flatters your skin tone best and keep the polish fresh. Rose Poudre by Maybelline was probably the best nail colour we have ever found, but sadly is no more in the market. Searching for alternatives, we've now grown to love Kiko Milano's No 27, OPI Tickle My Francey, Nykaa's Nutcracker Dreams and Almond Crumble (edgier matte options). Chipped polish again runs a risk of looking shabby and that's not an image you'd want to project to any client. Consider getting yourself a gel polish variant that has better staying power and retains shine for longer. Nykaa's Salon Pro Gel Shine in the shade San Fran Mood is a recent find that we cannot stop using!

So that was how we married makeup and the medico life, but we think it's adaptable to professions as well. Do let us know if you found these tips helpful, and if you'd like to see a few tutorials on our go-to looks for the hospital! 😊

Swati & Smriti

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